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Riggs Tree Service was born right here in the heart of the hill country. It began in 1973 with my grandfather Manuel’s Tree Service. This was back when he was working part time as a meat stocker at the local meat market in Marble Falls. Over time he slowly built up his clientele, eventually taking on the tree service full time. Grandma was a bit nervous with the decision, but grandpa stayed with it. He developed in knowledge and skills over the next 30 years and truly enjoyed what he did.

Pap later faced a struggle he couldn’t shake…the passing of grandma. So in 2003 the responsibility fell to me to take over. Young and ambitious my goals were simple. Provide the security he once gave me and to make him proud.


I learned a lot in the years we shared working together, up until the lord took him home in 2011. By then I was firmly grounded in what my calling was. Arboriculture. To me trimming trees wasn’t just a new and unique challenge to achieve.

I’ve learned that it’s the passion in what we do that sustains us for excellence, so in every project it’s the endless possibilities that keep us loving what we do.

It’s not a job, it’s art! 

Brandon Riggs


My Beautiful Family